Bring nature inside


The MODOS system is a comprehensive solution specially designed for the control of lighting, sound, video, buttons, sensors, curtains, and more. We’ve designed the MODOS system to be modular, meaning customers can use the same products to control a single room or an entire building.

MODOS one is the core of our system and is controlled by simple switches on the wall or from a tablet using the MODOS play app. The system can also be controlled from our web interface MODOS cloud, where administrators are able to edit and update lighting, sound, and video through the use of “moods” – a rich multimedia content package that are used to create unique atmospheres in spaces. With MODOS cloud, customers are also able to view operating statistics and fine-tune the composition of their spaces.

The MODOS system can be adapted to a wide variety of applications where it is important to control the feeling of a space.