Smart room control with an elegant design

One source – powerful control

At the heart of the MODOS system is the MODOS one, which functions as the central control point for every connected device in your space. We’ve put in hundreds of hours of development time, testing, and design to create an interactive room control solution that is elegant, robust, and beautiful – that’s why we call it the heavy lifter. Install a MODOS one in each of your rooms for the perfect building management solution.

The MODOS one includes the following unique features:

  • Control lighting, curtains, projectors, and more

    Connect devices in your room to the MODOS one and use our MODOS cloud interface to manage them remotely from anywhere.

  • Synchronize all your connected devices

    The MODOS one ensures that interactive devices such as lights and projectors are synchronized with each other, allowing for effortless video panorama setups in your rooms.

  • Support for switches and sensors

    Use wall switches or remote sensors to trigger different devices in your room for the ultimate flexibility.

  • Works with MODOS play and MODOS cloud

    Control the MODOS one through the MODOS play tablet or online through MODOS cloud for maximum flexibility of use.

We believe in excellent craftmanship

A host of technical features

We’ve designed the MODOS one with a full compliment of communication standards and capabilities so that your connected equipment works together. Features include:

  • Serial and ethernet communication

    Connect up to three devices using the available RS-232 serial ports on the MODOS one, or make use of the device’s full ethernet networking capability.

  • Digital I/O ports

    Eight digital input/output ports are available to control switches and sensors, allowing for a variety of automated or manual control methods.

  • DMX lighting interface

    Control up to 512 individual lighting channels through the DMX input on the MODOS one.

  • Crystal-clear, synchronized video

    The MODOS one delivers synchronized 1080p HD video to your projectors and screens for a truly immersive video experience.



Lighting control (DMX)
HD video playback (HDMI)
Sound (Line out)
3 Serial ports (RS-232)
10/100 Ethernet


8 Digital I/O ports
MODOS play link
MODOS cloud link
Video streaming


White glass


Cables recessed in wall or exposed

Materials that match

The MODOS one echoes the simplicity and warmth of Danish design, and is something you can display proudly on the wall. We want our product to look its best in your room – choose from a rich oak wood cover for everyday spaces or frosted white glass for hygienic environments.

Flexible mounting options

The MODOS one can be mounted with data and power cables either hidden or on the face of the wall. This means that no matter the application, the MODOS one is adaptable to your specific installation.



Cables mounted in wall

Cables mounted on wall





User Manual


Technical Drawing


Creating the MODOS one

Designed and manufactured locally in Denmark, the MODOS one is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted product that changes the way we think about technology and design. We created an object that feels at home in your interior spaces, helping to further emphasize the impact of interactive technologies on our everyday lives.