MODOS play

Simplified touch control


Control panel view

Control your experience

Single-point control for all your connected devices

A refined object for your walls, the MODOS play is a remote control for your entire room. Choose a mood or set the lights low and enjoy wireless streaming.

Features of the MODOS play tablet include:

  • Mood selection - instant access

    Choose which mood you want your room to display and get instant access to your content. Read more

  • Device switching

    Change from moods to connected devices such as Google Chromecast or Barco Clickshare. Read more

  • Full lighting control

    Select moods based on lighting, or adjust brightness. Read more

  • Volume and sound control

    Control volume and switch between audio sources in your room

  • Shutdown and maintenance options

    Quickly shut down the system when not in use, or enable a lights-on maintenance mode for room cleaning and preparation

  • Expandability

    Let us develop custom apps to transform your MODOS play tablet into a single-point resource for your users. Read more

Instant access to your content

The MODOS play tablet is designed to work in tandem with MODOS one and MODOS cloud, allowing your content to be accessible for immediate playback in your rooms. That means that new moods you create or lighting adjustments are reflected live.

‘Fall in the Forest’ mood on MODOS cloud

‘Fall in the Forest’ mood on MODOS play

A modular system – add what you want

Every MODOS system has different users, making modularity and adaptability important factors in choosing a complete room control solution.

With the MODOS play tablet, you can switch between connected HDMI devices such as Apple TV or Google Chromecast and stream your own personal content to the projectors or screens in your room. You can also connect a computer wirelessly to the system using a wireless screensharing device like Barco ClickShare.

We’ve made the process seamless so it’s easy to interact with your content quickly and easily.

Easy device switching

Your connected devices appear as selectable video sources on the MODOS play tablet.

Get access to streaming sources such as:

Lighting that fits every activity

Create your own lighting moods in MODOS cloud and activate them from the MODOS play tablet. This allows you to create and fine tune your lights so they fits any situation independent of the video mood.

Mood lighting

Mood with warm temperature lighting

Mood with cool temperature lighting

Fine tune your light

Adjust room lighting from MODOS play

Functional lighting

Bright light for cleaning

Warm light for welcoming evening moods

Dimmed navigation light at night

Custom apps and more

Leverage the centralised control capabilities of the MODOS play tablet to connect users to custom apps and content that fits your specific requirements.

At Herning Hospital in Herning, Denmark, we worked with midwives to create a “birth-GPS” that helped guide new parents through the birth process and estimate the birth time. We’re currently working on new apps, such as the ability to access a hospital canteen menu and a patient welcome screen.