Sensitive to touch and motion

Make unique shop window experiences

Respond to touch and occupancy with light, sound & graphics

Easy to update

One shop solution

Developed in cooperation with B&O.

Active shop solution


MODOS is a strong content partner in the design of new shopping experiences.


MODOS one is a powerful computer that handles advanced interactive graphics.


MODOS sensor solution is a modular sensor solution tested for retail use.


MODOS cloud is the infrastructure that allows for fast upload to multiple shop windows and access to user statistics.

Interactive Graphics

A strong team of creatives

You + MODOS = team

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of interactive art and architecture, we are confident that we can solve highly complex challenges and inspire your interior design team to reach new horizons. We like to work closely with our customers in order to create astonishing results.


We master a series of graphic solutions, but most importantly, the MODOS system is designed to be open to various artists in the field of digital art. Our roots grow deep in the network of creatives, and we are able to facilitate collaboration with any artist.


The MODOS hardware system has been designed in-house from the electronics to the control system, which means that it is highly customizable in relation to the implementation of new sensors or special demands.


Tools for advanced computation

MUSCLES TO compute

MODOS one is a computer with the strength to compute content for advanced graphics.

Instrumental software

We believe that no system is better than the content played on it, meaning our software should be seen more as an instrument for artists and creators, rather than as a digital signage system.

24/7 Operation

The system is based on state-of-the-art components and is tested for long-term use. Assistance is always available via the MODOS cloud service.

Sensor Solution

A variety of interactive methods

Touch sensor

The touch sensor detects touch and swipe gestures directly on the window. It can be equipped with a LED circle that glows when a hand is over the sensor.

Occupancy sensor

The occupancy sensor enables the system to detect occupancy up to 8 meters from the window and is mounted on the inside of the glass.

Custom solutions

The MODOS tech team has more than 15 years of experience in advanced sensor solutions.

MODOS Cloud service

Support & content management


Usage statistics and traffic counts are available from your MODOS cloud account.


MODOS’ retail solutions are easy to update, allowing design teams to upload content to multiple devices simultaneously.


The MODOS team is always ready to help you, whether you need assistance with uploading new content or with daily maintenance.

Content management

A web-based system allows users to manage video, image, text and sound content.


We are proud of our work with