About us

Immersive moods for unique spaces


Our story

MODOS is a design and consulting house with a penchant for combining our competencies in architecture, lighting design, and computer science into comprehensive solutions for interactive spaces. Through mastering these three principles, we develop interactive systems that can transform the atmosphere of a space and adapt it to the varying needs of the users.

We are based in Aarhus, Denmark and since 2015 we have been creating MODOS-designed spaces throughout all of Denmark. Interest in our systems have come from as far away as Australia, and we are excited at what the future holds for us.

MODOS specialises in integrated interior solutions that combine light, sound, and video design. We put emphasis on researching innovative solutions that we develop in close partnership with our clients.

Meet our team

Morten Lie Geertsen



Niels Buus

Senior software architect

Thure Foldager

Market Manager