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MODOS is a specialised design and consulting house that combines competencies from architecture, lighting design, and computer science into a single portfolio. Through mastering these three principles, we develop interactive systems that can transform the atmosphere of a space and adapt it to the varying needs of the users. We can lead innovative processes in lighting design, management, and concept development, but also in the realisation of simple and complex systems. This approach has proved useful when a space must be able to adapt to different situations in order to create the best possible experiences.
We help you utilize light, sound and video to transform your spaces.
We put emphasis on a high level of service expectation and offer our customers project management from idea to implementation or during specific development phases.

We have proven expertise in managing lighting design, interior design, planning, programming, delivery, installation testing, commissioning, training, monitoring, and fine-tuning of the final project.

MODOS specialises in innovation and places special emphasis on development of solutions in close cooperation with our clients. By partnering with professional content creators such as photographers and videographers, we can create highly-polished content for your next interactive space.

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Planning and project management

Got an idea for your new space but don’t know how to implement it? At MODOS, we are experts in designing spaces for a wide range of settings. Let us design your next conference room, hospital room, or retail space from planning to execution.

Having a space with proper lighting is critical for production and a healthy atmosphere. We ensure that your space has lighting that is responsive to your environment and useful.

Communication between all stakeholders in a project is extremely important – and that’s why we take a collaborative approach to our work. As project managers, MODOS ensures that designers, architects, installers, and the client are all on the same page.

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