MODOS cloud

Your moods. Your content

Welcome to MODOS cloud

MODOS cloud is a secure web-based room management tool and a platform for crafting your own moods. You can access MODOS cloud no matter where you are in the world, so you’re always connected to your rooms and your content.


  • Smart room management

    Use MODOS cloud to administer your rooms, including changing moods, uploading content, and getting hardware reports. Read more

  • Professional content and personalised moods

    Upload your own content to create personalised moods, or choose from rich and captivating MODOS moods. Read more

  • Online and on-site support

    Contact us to get the support you need when something doesn’t work or you need help. Read more

  • Full-scale content distribution

    Changes you make in MODOS cloud instantly propagate through your network to all connected devices, including the MODOS play tablet and MODOS one. Read more

  • Powerful hardware management

    See when one of your connected devices needs servicing and get access to online management tools for your MODOS one. Read more

Smart room management from the cloud

From your dashboard, one tile for each room

It’s easy to administer anywhere from a single room to over 100 rooms with our flexible interface. Connected rooms are presented as a list of tiles with helpful information such as room status, room name, and what’s playing.

Use the MODOS cloud dashboard to see the following:

  • Your rooms, moods, and lighting moods

    Summaries of your all your content – your rooms, your moods, and your lighting moods – all from a single screen.

    • See what's currently playing

      Each tile features a large icon with a thumbnail showing the mood that’s currently playing in the room.

    • Descriptive labels

      Give your rooms descriptive names that help you remember where they are in your building.

    • Status lights to see what's online

      Get a quick notification from the MODOS cloud’s dashboard to see if your room is connected to MODOS cloud.

    Professional content from MODOS

    From MODOS cloud, you can get access to our uniquely-crafted MODOS moods, featuring content produced by award-winning Danish photographers. Each mood appears as a tile in the MODOS cloud interface and can be applied to individual rooms, or across all rooms in your building. Read about select moods below, or go to our moods page to see more.

    • Fall in the Forest – From the northwest corner of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark comes a unique mood captured by Morten Hilmer. Shot in 4k definition, this mood from MODOS is serene and creates a relaxing space.
    • Banks of the Gudenå – Photographer Philipp Braun visited the Gudenå River in central Jutland to capture the quiet frost-covered landscape at sunrise. Philipp’s content is perfect for enjoying a quiet moment in your MODOS room.

    Moods are presented as tiles in the MODOS cloud interface

    Craft your own moods

    With the included mood builder in MODOS cloud, you can upload your own content and create stunning personalised moods. To create your own mood, you need only the following:

    • A title
    • A banner and icon for your mood to be displayed on the MODOS play tablet
    • A video for each screen in your setup
    • Desired lighting levels for each zone in your room

    From MODOS cloud it’s easy to edit your personalised moods. Don’t like your current lighting settings? Adjust them using the convenient sliders and save your updated mood to quickly see the results in your room.

    Adjustable zone-based lighting control

    With adjustable lighting levels, you can set the lighting in your room to the exact way you want it. We’ve included six pre-defined lighting zones that you can use to control different areas in your room, with greater flexibility planned for future releases of MODOS cloud.

    Your moods – your content

    Unlike our competitors, the MODOS cloud mood builder allows you to take full control of your room, down to the content displayed on your walls.

    Create moods that match what you need for your spaces – we’ve included a few examples here to help you get started, but the possibilities are endless!

    • Family memories

    • Corporate material

    • Promotional/advertising material

    • Safety videos

    • Art

    • Announcements/public material

    Full-scale content distribution

    MODOS cloud is the central point for the smart management of your content. We call it smart because you can use MODOS cloud to easily distribute content across all of your connected MODOS one devices.

    Using this feature, you can prepare materials for your company’s next product launch and distribute it simultaneously to all of your showrooms on the day of the launch, ensuring timely delivery of content.

    Easily send your content to all connected devices using MODOS cloud

    Powerful hardware management

    We’ve developed the MODOS system in tandem with a number of hardware drivers for third-party devices such as projectors, amplifiers, HDMI switches, and more. That means that when you connect an approved device to your MODOS one you will be able to get status reports from third-party hardware. This makes it easy to check what’s working in your room without having to be on-site.

    With MODOS cloud you also get access to troubleshooting tools in case one of your devices stops functioning correctly, saving time before manual intervention is required.

    Installed devices view showing connected projectors and DMX lamps

    In the MODOS one system health widget, you can check the status of the MODOS one devices in your room and troubleshoot them

    Technical capabilities like none other

    Use MODOS cloud to adjust lighting levels in your rooms, get reports on connected devices, and upload your own content – all from a single source. We offer MODOS cloud as a subscription service with 24/7 online availability, so you can access your rooms whenever you need.

    • Access anywhere

      MODOS cloud is a global solution allowing you access to your rooms from anywhere in the world using our secure servers.

    • Secure connection

      A Secure Device Grid guarantees a protected connection between your rooms and the cloud.

    • Manage users and permissions

      Choose which users can have access to adjusting settings in your room or creating new content with an easy-to-use user management interface.

    • Smart device management

      Manage connected devices in your rooms all from a single point, so less time is spent on systems management.

    Support when you need it

    MODOS provides email and telephone support for your MODOS system, as well as troubleshooting tools in MODOS cloud.

    Should you have questions about how to use your system, or if something isn’t working correctly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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