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No system is better than the content played on it – and that reflects our intention of the MODOS system as a platform for rich multimedia experiences. We work with highly skilled Danish photographers to capture the atmosphere of natural landscapes from Danish nature and then combine them with sound and lighting settings to create moods. We use moods to immerse you in Nordic nature, no matter where you may be in the world.

In collaboration with our photographers, we offer new moods every two months, so your system is always changing. Our moods are one size fits all – meaning you can display them on anything from a single projector setup to a 12 metre wide display.


A starter package of moods for your spaces

When you choose the MODOS mood starter package for your spaces, you get access to our three most popular moods. Click on a mood below or scroll down to read more.

Fall in the Forest

Morning on the Gudenå

Copenhagen by Night

Fall in the Forest

Journey into the forests of northwest Jutland and experience the quiet stillness of the land. This mood from Danish photographer Morten Hilmer features four different scenes that are perfect for a quiet morning or wind-down after a long day.


Morning on the Gudenå

The upper section of the Gudenå in central Jutland provides the perfect scene for extremely beautiful landscapes, where many lone oak trees withstand the rough climate and winds. Danish photographer Philipp Braun created this mood in the early morning to capture the glimmer of snow crystals in the frost and the magic winter light of January.

Copenhagen by Night

We asked photographer Benjamin Nielsen to create a calming mood to help you wind down at the end of the day – his response was a mood that lets you experience the heart of Copenhagen at night through vibrant scenes of Nyhavn, Strøget, and the harbour.



We create immersive moods through thoughtful combinations of video, lighting, and sound – and sound plays an important role in helping to set the mood. We want you to truly feel like you’ve entered another world when you play our moods and hear the sounds of nature. When you play a forest-themed mood, you’ll hear the leaves rustling in the wind and the songbirds of the forest… and similarly the crashing of the waves when you’re playing our coast mood.

Nature sounds

Capturing the sounds of nature requires patience and dedication to your work. Our photographers have picked the best spots in Denmark to capture a wide range of nature sounds.


With the MODOS system, you have complete control over the experiences in your spaces, and can use your own audio sources in combination with our moods. Use the device switching features on the MODOS play tablet to switch to a connected phone or music player whenever you want.

Mood lighting

We like to proudly say that we’re experts in room lighting. In designing the MODOS system, we’ve also spent countless hours testing our products against different lighting profiles to ensure that the experience we craft is realistic for our customers. Our lighting settings for our moods reflects a Nordic sensitivity to creating a refined and intimate experience.

The ceiling lights we install with our systems can project a full spectrum of warm and cool light for all situations. Our moods take advantage of all connected lights in your space, so that quiet morning mood you’ve selected will not only dim the ceiling lights but also dim the light you may have beside your desk.

Mood with warm temperature lighting

Mood with cool temperature lighting

Content from award-winning photographers

We only work with the best creative people. To us, it’s important that the video content we offer with the MODOS system is of top quality, not only in terms of choice of content, but in technical quality as well. Our moods are frequently shot in 8K and 4K high resolution, so that we can deliver a fully HD experience across multiple projectors in your spaces.

Once a month, we ask our photographers to produce a new mood that showcases the unique aspects of life and nature in Denmark, and the results are stunning.

Meet our creative team

Philipp Braun

“My love for nature and deep appreciation of its beauty allows me to create outstanding images.”

Philipp Braun Gallery

Morten Hilmer

“If everyone took the time to experience nature, we would see our planet with other eyes and treat it with greater respect.”

Morten Hilmer Portfolio

Benjamin Kirk

Benjamin works professionally in the film and television business as a Director of Photography, shooting in various parts of the world including Africa, United States, Japan, France, Greece, Mexico and Australia.

Benjamin Kirk Portfolio

Let us craft your next custom mood

If you’ve got a specific idea for a mood you want in your space, give us a call. We’ve worked with clients to produce customised content that fits their organisation, and the results are always spectacular.

Together, we’ll work with you and our photographers to determine what your needs are and how to best deliver on it.

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