The perfect fit for your space

A solution for every space

As an expandable room control solution, the MODOS system can be adapted to a variety of different spaces – simply place screens side by side to create a seamless display, or wrap around corners with a multi-wall projection.

Each projector can be used to project an image up to 3 metres wide, or you can use a conventional digital display panel. With a range of customisation options, you will always find the perfect fit for your space.

Additional screens with MODOS client

The MODOS client is a robust video extension module engineered by us to provide a quick and reliable way to add more displays to your space. For each additional display you add, remember to include a MODOS client.

The MODOS client ensures that the video signal it receives from the MODOS one is constantly in sync, ensuring that panorama videos look their best in your spaces.

A truly modular system

Because all spaces have different requirements, we designed a system that can expand to fit any space. Our core set of products – the MODOS one, MODOS cloud, and the MODOS play tablet are where you begin when building a solution that’s right for your space.

You can combine MODOS products with a wide range of addon devices such as lights, projectors, audio, sensors, and much more.

Additional components

A modular system means effective cost savings – choose only the devices and inputs for your MODOS system that is required for your space.

The MODOS system supports the following addons for a fully tailored system solution:

  • Wireless streaming devices (Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Barco ClickShare)
  • Lamps and dimmers (DMX)
  • Ceiling lights (DMX)
  • Loudspeakers and amplifiers
  • Sensors
  • Wall switches
  • Curtains and relays
  • Auxiliary playback devices (Tablet, Blu-ray players, radio, etc.)

Mask out parts of your walls

The MODOS system also allows you to easily create masks to block out parts of the wall where you don’t want to project an image, so furniture and entrances are unaffected. This allows the MODOS system to work with the existing design of your rooms and not require your room to have blank walls.

Three projector configuration with a
mask around the doorway

Stream, share, and listen

Add 4 extra HDMI sources, such as Powernet TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or Barco ClickShare to get access to a wide range of digital multimedia channels, or connect your own HDMI device.