Immersive moods
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Simplified room control

Introducing the MODOS system

The MODOS system is a unique and powerful integrated room control solution that uses lighting, video, and audio to create engaging and vibrant spaces. Choose between multimedia content packages crafted by Danish photographers, or use your own personalised content uploaded to MODOS cloud. Control and administration of your system is possible through our MODOS play tablet, our cloud interface, and through buttons in your room.

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The heavy lifter – MODOS one

At the heart of the MODOS system is the MODOS one, which functions as the central control point for every connected device in your space. The MODOS one echoes the simplicity and warmth of Danish design, and is something you can display proudly on the wall.

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Immersive moods

No system is better than the content played on it – and that reflects our design of the MODOS system as a platform for rich multimedia experiences. We work with highly skilled Danish photographers to capture the atmosphere of natural landscapes from Danish nature and then combine them with sound and lighting settings to create moods for your spaces. Our moods immerse you in Nordic nature, no matter where you may be in the world.

This clip is part of the autumn mood crafted by Danish nature photographer Morten Hilmer.

Touch control with MODOS play

A refined object for your walls, the MODOS play is a remote control for your entire room. Choose a mood or set the lights low and enjoy wireless streaming.

Content on the MODOS play tablet is automatically updated when you create or edit moods through MODOS cloud, allowing you to quickly add new content to all your rooms at once.

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Create moods and manage rooms with MODOS cloud

We’ve introduced a refined way to create your own personalised moods to fit your every need – think family photos, corporate materials, and videos of atmospheric landscapes. It’s easy with our mood creation wizard, where you can set the lights just the way you want to add the perfect finishing touch to your room.

We offer MODOS cloud as a subscription service with 24/7 online availability allowing for remote room management from any internet connection.

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A solution for every space

As an expandable room control solution, the MODOS system can be adapted to a variety of different spaces. With our edge-blending technology, you can place screens side by side and create a seamless display, or wrap around corners.

MODOS offers different configurable solutions for your spaces based on number of screens:

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